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... Pictures of Aerocomp panels, and Planes ...


Grant Farrow / Mead Floats CA-4 Floatplane


Tommy Jacomini's  Compair-8 SS52 - G900X


Victor Hernandez, Compair-8



Ferdi van Zyl  Compair-7 SLX



Roland Grun CA6




Pierre van der Walt



Keith Lara's CA7


Compair Prototype CA-12

The brand new Comp Air 12 will be getting our complete custom panel install.  The most significant part of the panel is the three large OP Technology EFIS flight displays.  This aircraft will also be equipped with the Forward.Vision FLIR camera system which displays on the center MFD.


Jose Wejebe 'Spanish Fly'


David Horton CA8SS52


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Revised: 07/18/23

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